Dolphins – A Message of Love – Why not?

28 07 2009

Here is a video in from a Friend.  Sit back and enjoy!

Thankfully, without over – analyzing, we can perhaps agree that there are some suggestions that are nurturing and nourishing.

Thank you. This is almost … just about … the end of the Suggestation (or Sugar Station) Blog, for now.

Be well and Have fun!



Fact vs Fiction – Obama

28 07 2009

For anyone who’s been following this — it seems to come down to a matter of opinion versus fact.  This just in from a friend in California:

Detailed article with hot links at — checks out fact vs fiction in politics. Whether you agree with some, all, or none of Obama’s policies, the suggestion is to pass this on to assist putting an end to this. (do it or don’t do it and do pay attention to the suggestation — if ya do or don’t, in the spirit of this blog) Rumor tactics have launched wars/assassinations/harm that has plagued our planet (and continue to date) prompted upon rumor alone.

Obama’s birth certificate: Final chapter

Where do opinion’s end and facts begin?

Looks like a birth certificate? End of argument, correct?  The document shows the fact of a birth certificate.

And wow, the Daily Show with John Stewart is rounding the bend — observe how this segment examines the power of suggestion among the media ‘shock talkers,including the Birther debate, in this hilarious segment called, So You Think You Can Douche (whatever that means?)

Thanks for your attention to the power of suggestion (and where one might be possibly identified with it 🙂

Laughter and Sunlight

23 01 2008

It was from writing this Blog on WordPress and looking at all the suggestions out there, left and right, right and left, East and West, West and East, good and bad, bad and good, that at one singular moment began to laugh.

(If you’d looked at so many videos, you would have started to laugh  too 🙂

I wanted my smile back.  And ya know? It had never left. A smile is as available to us all the time, like sunlight.

It’s a 3 Day Laughter Party!

Keep looking up!

Thank you.