Dis-Suggestation Exercise

3 10 2009

In the policy charged climate of these times where polarization of attitudes is creeping through every form of media, here is a suggestation:  Let’s look at suggestions.  One suggestion at a time?

What follows in this entry and the next are a list of videos.  Observe the content but try not to personally identify with the content.

For a better photo of this legendary response to the Voyager (VGER) go here for oodles of fun!

Try to observe the suggestions, right and left, front and back, upside and backwards.  And the feeling of the suggestations in the body.  Might be lots of  sugar stations to be found here! (entry continues below)

Let’s find out if the way out of the power of suggestion is dis-suggestation. This won’t be easy to do, at first.  Some George Carlin videos are included. (entry continues, below)

The person without self-knowing from moment to moment, is torn by every wind and doctrine that offers him a future reward, or threatens him with future loss or pain. —