Laughter and Sunlight

23 01 2008

It was from writing this Blog on WordPress and looking at all the suggestions out there, left and right, right and left, East and West, West and East, good and bad, bad and good, that at one singular moment began to laugh.

(If you’d looked at so many videos, you would have started to laugh  too 🙂

I wanted my smile back.  And ya know? It had never left. A smile is as available to us all the time, like sunlight.

It’s a 3 Day Laughter Party!

Keep looking up!

Thank you.


Laughter IS the Best Medicine

9 10 2007

Is this a suggestation?

If so, could some suggestations be useful?  Even creative?


One won’t know until one checks it out for onself.

(Think about it for a while)

Take a minute to guess

8 10 2007

Did you ever see Mary Poppins? Remember the scene where Ed Wynn and Dick Van Dyke are singing along with the two children, “I LOVE TO LAUGH!” And as they laugh and sing, the chairs they are sitting in go higher and higher and all become more and more happy and joyous?

What is the one thing that the President and the Vice President and the other World Leaders do to EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD? What are they really united in doing to everybody?

(Take a minute to guess.)

They make EVERYBODY WORRY! WORRY and worry ABOUT EVERYTHING! (And this is Hurricane Season:) ) What is the one best remedy for worry?


I just realized this.

What if EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD started to laugh?

They could laugh at anyone or anything, but B and C too. And what if whenever anybody thought about B and C, mainly, they just laughed! “B” Bush and “C” Cheney are just funny! And all the other Presidents, even the Dictators! Look at all the comedy shows around these folks! And oh that Mr.Bush just tickles my funny bone sometimes. Ya know.

This is totally harmless, totally peaceful, totally fun. Like Mary Poppins!

There wouldn’t need to be anybody going outside, no marches, no signs and banners, no letters to Congressmen. You could be in your kitchen or at your office, and when you think of “B” and/or “C”, or any other world leader that worries ya, or even any “bad” news event, the Middle East to China, you just laugh. Wherever you are located!

Like Ed Wynn in Mary Poppins!

Remember, Uncle Albert wasn’t laughing when Mary Poppins and the children first arrived, I don’t think. But thought of some jokes, and he got himself laughing. So even if you don’t feel like it, crack a smile, then laugh. Just laugh and laugh and soon you will be laughing.

Okay. What do you when someone lies to you? What do you do when someone calls you names? Fight back? No, no, you could fight back but then people get hurt. No, what really works is this: Laugh At Them. And you don’t have to laugh in their faces, you can laugh in your living room watching television.

(And they will get the message.)

*(And you will FEEL BETTER!)

*(And your weather will IMPROVE, for a few days or even more!)

It doesn’t have to be at your world leaders or robbers or even at “A” (Ahmendinejad, “B”(Bush) “C”(Cheney), it could be at anyone or anything.

Go to bed laughing. Wake up in the morning and start laughing again!

Why worry? Laugh!

And why not call the event, ABC-LOL, or, LOL-ABC?

Yes! WhooHoo!

What an inspiration!


Can you feel it?

(or just worry? worry? worry some more?)

President Bush: “This is no laughing matter.”

Everybody else: HA HA HA HA

President Bush: “I’m the decider. I plan to bomb Iran.”

Everybody else: HA HA HA HA

President Ahmendinejad: “Excuse me? Excuse me? I would like to visit Ground Zero please to lay a wreath?”

President Cheney: “This is matter of the utmost National Security.”


(Heckler: “Yeah, we’ve heard it before! HA HA HA HA!)

President Bush: “I’m serious as all get out. And I am the decider!”



ALL, including the Presidents: HAH HAH HAH! HAH


Check it out. Smile. Think of A, B and C (or anybody else that worries you in the new-old-news, even the radical-radical-radicals, if they worry you more) then LAUGH! You’ll be in great shape for the marvelous, ABC-LOL. Wherever you are located geographically. Whatever your race, creed, country, and so on. I’ll likely be making food or working on my computer, just doing things, AND laughing!

Laugh the worries away! It could even be your landlord! Or parking tickets! Join in the fun on ABC-LOL

If you come across this post, email it someone else “don’t break the chain” of laughter!

It’s a chain laff-in! ABC-LOL!

(so tell me: did ya crack a smile? go for it!)

Who knows? Maybe AB and C will LOL too!