Well Being Cards

1 10 2007

I have a nice deck of “Well Being Cards” made by the Abraham people. I bought the cards because I wanted something gentle and colorful for the treatment room where I work with people. The room has a massage table and soft lighting, it’s quite mellow. The cards are beautifully rendered, quiet, and have little sayings on them. Every now and then a client will pick up one of these cards and read the saying. I’ve never really done it myself.

Yesterday, picked out four of them, one at at time. This is what one of them said:

“It is not my responsibility to CONVINCE anyone of anything.”

I like that.

(Is it true?)

Above this is a picture of a white swan floating in a serene blue space. If you turn the card over, it says:

“Make your decisions about what you want, and set out to create the life experiences that you choose–and allow all others to do the same.”


Allow all others to do the same.