How many passes

29 04 2010

In the spirit of Suggestation, this just in today —

Do Not Cheat. See This Video Only Once.

n the video you will see a group of basketball players, some in white and some in black passing two balls around. Your goal is to count how many times the ball is passed by those wearing white shirts. It‘s that simple. Remember, count just the passes of the ball by those wearing white.

Do not watch the video again.


Check it out


Why the Power of Suggestion?

4 07 2009

Welcome back to Suggestation, or Sugar Station — because every suggestion has some sugar in it or we would buy it.

There are jillions of suggestions around us every day, even when we turn on the radio.  I heard one commercial for Burger King today and later on, was looking around like a zombie for a BK fish sandwich–and I hadn’t done BK in years.

We hear something, we take sides.  Somebody is right, somebody is wrong.

How often do we stop to look at the suggestions running us around?

(It could be that raw emotions are based on suggestion too!)

And as Socrates said, “The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living”


President of IRAN embraced by ORTHODOX JEWS?

12 03 2008

President of IRAN embraced by ORTHODOX JEWS?

Power of Suggestion in the Media:

“I” still adore this video of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being embraced, and praised, by so many Orthodox Jews. This video may be the favorite of this entire blog.  Well, they sure look like “orthodox jews” anyway.

(The Good Part is half 1/2 way through the video — keep watching to find out!)

It’s best viewed, for the most dramatic and fun effect, after viewing Bill Moyer’s “harrowing” report on Reverend Haggi and his very own, “Christians for Israel” movement (below). Haggi, the same good old boy who John McCain approached for endorsement? Uh Huh 🙂  Mind the mis-spell.  And mind the suggestion?

Watch Haggi and McCain, if you like.

(Not to agree or disagree with it-Watch the suggestion.)

And even this:

It’s now becoming quite fun to watch the power of suggestion at play, isn’t it?

And what of the suggestion that the Iraq War worked?

Thank you

Notes from Friends 2–music video

4 02 2008

COULD IT BE that there are some suggestions that are positive?  suggestions that are not based on fear?  Could it be?

In case you didn’t see this:

New Celeb-Filled Music Video for Obama
Song from Black Eyed Peas’ Inspired by Obama Speech

Feb. 2, 2008

Celebrity-filled music videos have been used to support many social movements, from famine relief for Africa, to support for American farmers, to opposition to apartheid in South Africa.
But rarely have celebrities and musicians banded together to create new music in the heat of a presidential campaign.
The Black Eyed Peas’ frontman, songwriter and producer known as, along with director and filmmaker Jesse Dylan, son of another socially active musician, Bob Dylan, released a new song Friday that attempts to do just that.
The music video “Yes We Can” premiered on ABCNewsNow’s “What’s the Buzz” on Friday. It was inspired, told ABC’s Alisha Davis, by Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and in particular by the speech he has gave after the New Hampshire primary.
“It made me reflect on the freedoms I have, going to school where I went to school, and the people that came before Obama like Martin Luther King, presidents like Abraham Lincoln that paved the way for me to be sitting here on ABCNews and making a song from Obama’s speech,” said.
“The speech was inspiring about making change in America and I believe what it says and I hope everybody votes,” Dylan said.
The music video includes excerpts from the Obama speech and appearances from a range of celebrities including: Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Adam Rodriquez, Amber Valetta and Nick Cannon.
When word got out about the song, and Dylan said people were eager to participate.
“I’m blown away by how many people wanted to come and be a part of it in a short amount of time. It was all out of love and hope for change and really representing America and looking at the world,” said.
Dylan and say they did not coordinate the production or release of this video with the Obama campaign and the filmmakers say they don’t even know if Obama is aware of the video.
“We didn’t talk to anybody there… We just came together because it was an inspirational song about change coming out of his speech,” Dylan said.
And what change do and Dylan say they hope to see?
“Education, America’s finance, getting our dollar back to where it should be, stopping the war, health and international policies,” they said.

(*From a friend in L.A.)

Laughter and Sunlight

23 01 2008

It was from writing this Blog on WordPress and looking at all the suggestions out there, left and right, right and left, East and West, West and East, good and bad, bad and good, that at one singular moment began to laugh.

(If you’d looked at so many videos, you would have started to laugh  too 🙂

I wanted my smile back.  And ya know? It had never left. A smile is as available to us all the time, like sunlight.

It’s a 3 Day Laughter Party!

Keep looking up!

Thank you.

what CAN i do?

20 10 2007

It could be that Western Civilization, as we have known it, is unraveling before our very eyes.

“As we have known it”

This might be disturbing. And can I honestly say that I know what ought to be different?

One cannot be conscious UNTIL one analyses the “Ideals” of the world, the conditions that one has set up as necessary for survival. These are all generalizations, such as: Get more out of life than “I” am; Do something worthwhile; Leave the world a better place than when I arrived; Help people; Be creative, etc., etc

Each must analyze for self.

When one analyzes the “ideals” one has set up, one sees that one has no specific aims, only vague generalizations that cannot be acted upon.

One will not analyse the ideals until that one’s necessity is greatly increased.

Increasing necessity is work, analyzing ideals is work, all other expenditure of energy is merely activity.

Something that I can do is to see what “I” am making important.

(And there is always something you CAN do)

Even if this requires some Work effort on “self.”

Why not? Look to your health?

Okay, so what’s the sugge-station?

20 10 2007

To pick up from the last post (below)…

For all of the sugar stations we’ve looked at here, it has been as yet next to impossible to disprove General Smedley Butler’s hypothesis that War Is A Racket.

And so one suggestion, underneath this Blend(notablog) is that the US government is not out of control and very much controlled, run by multinational corporations, and that the role of the US military is fast losing its standing as a democratizing force in the world. The US Military is as seemingly helpless as the Iraqis in this conflict, and as the American people.

If there is to be a protest against Iran, for example, it can only work as a protest against the “military/industrial/congressional” corporations.

And now the corporations have a military force of their own (Blackwater etc) to put down any protests. These can also help to enforce a martial law in this country.

There is a bright side. There will be no invasion of Iran unless Iraq defaults as a money producing concern, which it won’t, not in the near future. However, with this kind of PRIDEFUL, “stay the course” behavior by the current Administration who we all know likes to smash things up, the USA will. It will go bankrupt.

West Palm Beach?

Don’t worry. It will be like it was in the early 50s here. It wasn’t so bad then. There may be a little crime at first, a little looting here and there, some brief uprisings, but the people will begin to find their families again and their family values. The churches and synagogues and temples will be happy because Americans overall will begin to respect the Sabbath more. It’s what the good people have wanted all along. For Bloggers and You Tubers, it may be hard to recognize at first–like a time warp–but kind of pleasant in a second or third world kind of way.

The saber rattling by Vice President Cheney against Iran has been merely to raise the price of oil (through inflicting the emotion of fear on others) until it reaches $100.00 a barrel and far upwards. It’s now at $90.00 a barrel. This will be blamed on the weakness of the dollar, conveniently, by the Oil Companies, who will again reap enormous and silly profits. (Cheney was a good candidate for this because he is himself somewhat paranoid of losing personal power.)


Does all this feel a little over your head? As if there is nothing you can do about it?

Ask: Is there anything you can really do about it?

Fact: There IS something you can do about your reaction, if not contribute a peaceful and harmonious mood right where you are.

(check it out)