About Suggestation

Welcome to a contemplation of the power of suggestion. There are suggestions all around us, all of the time. Not just from the News Media but at a Grocery Store checkout line.  Suggestions can be refined sugar that we take in to our bodies. Some suggestions can make our butts fat, our brains weary. Others can possibly be good for us and even nourish us.

Like clutter in a closet, we need to see what the suggestions are back of our brains, and the suggestions that determine the way we feel, day to day.

Here I’m interested in looking at suggestion. I hear suggestions around me everyday. Here I’m not interested in taking sides or defending any suggestion that comes in, I’m interesting in looking at it. Suggestation is not about agreeing with any viewpoint, or disagreeing, it’s about seeing the suggestion and its affect on our bodies, our brains, possibly our health.

I put this “Blend” (not a blog) together in the time when good Americans were in fear of the news of wire tapping, and of secret prisons, if they happened to have a different point of view. If we could only observe, without judge-ment, the suggestions, then we might all learn something worthwhile.

Hey, I’ve discovered I’m as suggestible as anyone else!

This is a blog space that I use to bookmark things I’ve read on the internet. Each bookmark carries some sort of suggestion that I get to observe. I don’t visit here a lot. Only when I find myself caught on a suggestion.

My interest is being in charge of my own inner state of being. I hope you might see the value of being in charge of your own inner state of being too. Because if you are not in charge of your own inner feeling, someone or something else will gladly take over that job for you.


By the power of suggestion.

Thanks for your visit!




One response

24 10 2007


Very much to this ones taste to find some discussions on suggestion.
This one is also working on the aim of being incharge of the inner state. Without it, life is mechanical, and destructive!

It would be nice to communicate via email. It appears we have both been exposed to the same teaching.


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