How to combat the power of suggestion?

5 08 2009

There is no combating the power of suggestion.  There is only observation of suggestion, or suggestations. This continues from the above entry on the UFO cover ups that have taken place since the Truman Administration and the start of National Security.  As in the entry above, observe the feeeeeeeling in the body as you hear the suggestations!

Suggestations are everywhere.  They are in the media, the culture, the society, among friends and relatives, and they are also within the pscyhe.  Whole  families, if not countries, can be ruled by the power of suggestion.

What is the way out of the morass of Suggesation?


When we identify with a suggestation, we essentially agree with it.  The suggestation no longer ‘sounds true,’ but IS true.

It’s not true for Essence.  It’s true for the self, self spelled with a little “s,” the conditioned self, personal self, filled with histories and history books of … suggestions.

Again, there is no combating suggestion.  For to combat suggestion is just another … suggestation.  There is no getting upset about a suggestion that you’ve bought — bought with your greatest resource — your energy.  Now, what’s helpful about watching George Carlin, is that he is a man very aware of the power of suggestion.

From him, we can learn that some suggestions are useful, even nurturing, while other suggestations are not.

This does not mean that we have to take sides.

The point is, What happens when you find you have identified with ANYTHING that sounds true? or even looks true?

Check it out for yourself.


Infant Dies after “Craniosacral” Therapy? Silly

5 08 2009

Silly, isn’t it?

So here is yet another article that sounds true.  Remember that  the point of Suggestaion or Sugar Station (because every suggestion carries its hit of sugar) is not to announce that something is right or wrong, good or bad, the point is to observe the suggestions and their affect.

And in this online blog, all these good people seem to be bent out of shape over something that no one has any idea about.  The only fact is, it seems, that there was a casualty, but even this is unclear.  Yes, it would be amusing, if not such a tragic and a dark subject, especially considering the current health care debate and that medical errors and hospital visits are the 8th and 11th leading causes of death in the USA, by recent conservative count.  Who would post this stuff?  What would be that private corporation’s private motivation? if not to plant a simple suggestation:   “Infant Dies After ‘Craniosacral’ Therapy” (Whatever that is!)

First of all, after a brief examination, you will find that no one can sift out the facts, or even if this unpronouncable “cranio-sounds-like-cranial” was involved at all, or if the alleged event ever even happened the way it was claimed to happen. First of all, what’s ‘cranio-sacral’?  Amazing the ways folks seek attention, isn’t it?  And all based on the power of suggestion. Of course, no one seems to notice that the infant died while in intensive care in…a hospital! (naturally)

Who knows?  This craniosacral might have been just the thing to actually save the infant, if we examine the many comments to the blog, WHILE in the intensive care unit. Alas, it’s the Elephant in the dark room.

(Remember, a suggestation is something that “sounds true”)

On the other hand, here is an article where the facts are quite clear.  Anyone can quickly get the rock bottom of this article if you can make it past the blue lights and red lights and the doctor’s confusion.  We all know that events such as this are truly tragic and unfortunate, and no matter the expertise of the medical community, or credential, or branch of medicine, such events carry on:  “Infant Dies When Heart Machine Accidentally Switched Off By Doctor.” What could have possibly saved this infant under the care of a .. hospital?  11th leading cause, ring a bell?  The point is that here there is no speculation or opinion, hearsay, about this very sad event and that nothing is vague, covered up, or obscured.  The fact of what happened in this other article here is clear as a bell.  And that you can trust your medical team without question.  (Without question?)

One would like to say we are having fun here, but these are dark subjects, even so, the point of this Blog has always been Sugar Station , suggestation, or fact?  What suggestions will you let feed on your energy today?

Experiment — Take a plain piece of paper.  Draw a line down the middle.  On one side, write down all the suggestions you hear in a day, anything that sounds true.  And on the other side, write down all the facts you hear.  You might find the side with suggestions considerably larger than the side with the facts!

There are countless examples but to post more here would be, well, depressing — if we keep buying into the suggestation.  We will leave you to sort this through on your own.  The moral? Shit happens.

One last suggestation? It’s Indpendence Day!  Of course, this is only a  suggestion…

Happy July 4th America!

Thank you.