Dolphins – A Message of Love – Why not?

28 07 2009

Here is a video in from a Friend.  Sit back and enjoy!

Thankfully, without over – analyzing, we can perhaps agree that there are some suggestions that are nurturing and nourishing.

Thank you. This is almost … just about … the end of the Suggestation (or Sugar Station) Blog, for now.

Be well and Have fun!



Fact vs Fiction – Obama

28 07 2009

For anyone who’s been following this — it seems to come down to a matter of opinion versus fact.  This just in from a friend in California:

Detailed article with hot links at — checks out fact vs fiction in politics. Whether you agree with some, all, or none of Obama’s policies, the suggestion is to pass this on to assist putting an end to this. (do it or don’t do it and do pay attention to the suggestation — if ya do or don’t, in the spirit of this blog) Rumor tactics have launched wars/assassinations/harm that has plagued our planet (and continue to date) prompted upon rumor alone.

Obama’s birth certificate: Final chapter

Where do opinion’s end and facts begin?

Looks like a birth certificate? End of argument, correct?  The document shows the fact of a birth certificate.

And wow, the Daily Show with John Stewart is rounding the bend — observe how this segment examines the power of suggestion among the media ‘shock talkers,including the Birther debate, in this hilarious segment called, So You Think You Can Douche (whatever that means?)

Thanks for your attention to the power of suggestion (and where one might be possibly identified with it 🙂

Shock Talk Radio and TV — Passionate but “Souless”

25 07 2009

These men just don’t get it, they don’t get the power of suggestion. The Becks, the OReillys, the Savages, and so on, don’t get the words of Socrates either, that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

They think they do, however, and perhaps this is why some find them so entertaining. But this is not a joke.

Thankfully, at Suggestation, we can begin to begin to observe even these forms of suggestation at work.

Meanwhile, it’s a tough but a well rounded report.  Who else could pull it off but the terrible liberal (whatever a “liberal” is) Bill Moyers?  Perhaps one might visit this report, Fear and Loathing in Political Discourse to enhance the sense of the context of this blog post.

One can only exercise the discipline of compassion for them.  And compassion is a discipline to be practiced each and every day. It’s the way of Love. On the other hand, what we have here on the “Shock Talk” airwaves, like it or not, are a bunch of souless, organic, opinion making machines.

These are men who have no souls. Again, what makes them entertaining is that they “think” they do. Often the truth is more obvious to others than to ourselves, for again, if one might add, What profit a man if he gain the whole world (or a wide listenership) and lose his own soul?

In this world, they will have it all, and for their entertainment, and coffers, and they will leave here with nothing. They will end as blobs of energy. Blobs. Blogged, not forgotten, having asked others to give up their own souls…and for what? for What purpose?

What could they have otherwise done and contributed that is worthwhile had they decided to maintain the privilege of their souls?  Think of the goodness that they cashed in.  And to have a soul is a privilege, if nothing else, and not a right, as they themselves think and would have other believe.  (Recall, a right is something that cannot be taken away from you.)

One hasn’t left one’s url on this blog this evening, to see if it was easier to make unfounded statements about other through a glass darkly, rather than face to face. Yes, it’s easier, and is what one is saying true?

In any event, Yes, ye shall know them by their fruits, I think is the point of this really disturbing but great report on PBS tonight.

And the World rolls on — in the immortal words of John Gardner, a man who did depart with a soul — from his book, “In the Suicide Mountains”

Thank you

chomsky, carl sandburg, and the power of suggestation

22 07 2009

One might scroll through the noam chomsky talk while hearing carl sandburg’s delivery of the people, yes, in the background … only a suggestation people.

chomsky makes an appearance on suggestation, or Sugar Station (because every suggestion carries its sugar hit) and spills out his out guts without reserve in this really tortured and torturing talk on the gradual torture of democracy, not without hope.

crises and hope: theirs and ours

he traces the end of the electric streetcar in LA and other cities due to the rubber companies and oil, the rise of the interest-ate free-ways in the name of “defense,” and early history of the “manufacture of consent,” that followed after WW2 — ya know, if ya don’t want to tell the truth to the People, then go and make whatever you want to convince the People, Yes! of seem true.  logical, isn’t it?


(and remember to look for the suggestations — on all sides 🙂

And now, Carl Sandburg.

the people, yes!

(This is worthwhile hearing twice  —

if only an example of honesty —

what is the difference between a poem and a suggestion?  a tv commerical and a suggestion?)

… The people yes
The people will live on.
The learning and blundering people will live on. They will be tricked and sold and again sold
And go back to the nourishing earth for rootholds, The people so peculiar in renewal and comeback, You can’t laugh off their capacity to take it. ….


The MoonWalk Suggestation

21 07 2009

On July 20, 2009, perhaps the world is remembering the landing of the first man on the moon.  This video continues to inspire those who were alive to witness the news of the event — Welcome news when the USA was so deep in the Vietnam War.

Is the suggestation that there was a moonlanding?

Or is the suggestation that there was not a moonlanding?

Were you there?

Is the Earth really round, or is it flat?

By the way, in the original hollywood studio mock up version of the Moonlanding, the moon is made of cheese.  Fine powder was beyond the studio’s reckoning, or budget, it seems ….

(What “seems true” in this very post?  And what is true?)

selling the bailout – sugar station at work!

14 07 2009

was the bail out good?  was the bail out bad?  who cares?  really.  let’s look at the suggestations operating within … and … without!

hmmm.  yo somebody is catching on to suggestation or sugar station! so let’s look at the power of suggestion at work in this article from the anti-american? anti-new york times? huffington post … imagine that!

“Ironic Ads …. “

remember, the point of suggestation is not to take sides … here we observe what is going on … we use the tools of contemplation and curiousity to discover where we ourselves might be powered by (someone else’s) suggestions.  and why not?  this is America!  be free within, and you will be free feeling gosh, all over!

keep your SMILE 🙂 FACE ON!

thank you

Why the Power of Suggestion?

4 07 2009

Welcome back to Suggestation, or Sugar Station — because every suggestion has some sugar in it or we would buy it.

There are jillions of suggestions around us every day, even when we turn on the radio.  I heard one commercial for Burger King today and later on, was looking around like a zombie for a BK fish sandwich–and I hadn’t done BK in years.

We hear something, we take sides.  Somebody is right, somebody is wrong.

How often do we stop to look at the suggestions running us around?

(It could be that raw emotions are based on suggestion too!)

And as Socrates said, “The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living”