On Cool

27 09 2008

Suggestation, or Sugar Station, is on cool, for now. There are a wealth of relevant suggestions already posted on this site; certainly enough for anyone to get the basic idea:

On a scale of 0 to 100, how suggestible are we?

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Although this blog is mainly just to post interesting articles, videos, and interviews I come across because I don’t want to fill up the memory on my computer, it has developed something, something of a framework, and of value – looking at where “I’m” subject to the suggestions that come in from the ‘articles, videos, interviews’ out there.

You’re welcome to join me as I look at what suggestions “I” might have inadvertently bought into, or, to make your own blog on the power of suggestion and share notes.

Change begins by observing what suggestions we value.  Many of these suggestions might be from others we look up to as authorities that we value as true.  Many more suggestions might be false.  And suggestions are continually coming at us, from without AND from within.

Our interest here is in the total and unconditional liberation of the living being, no matter what country, no matter what party or creed, no matter what race. This translates in reality to making a small contribution.

What are the suggestions we be-live about liberation, freedom? Even enlightenment?

Um, “liberation” might not mean to buy 4 cars and own 12 homes.  It could be we have the whole notion of freedom all topsy-turvey, it could be what we think of freedom that is not freedom at all, but a false freedom, a pseudo-freedom based on… (fill in the blank).

Here’s a refreshing note.  Why don’t we look at ourselves first?  Here is a video on the limits to power that shows Americans, for one, are not willing to see their own faces in the mirror first.  Change is not possible until we can fully see WHAT IS, first.

From the “Limits to Power” interviews.

I’m willing to live honestly.  Why not begin with looking at the power of suggestion within?  Change begins within, first, always, and this is not a suggestion, it’s a fact.

Thanks and Be peace, “y’all”