Laughter and Sunlight

23 01 2008

It was from writing this Blog on WordPress and looking at all the suggestions out there, left and right, right and left, East and West, West and East, good and bad, bad and good, that at one singular moment began to laugh.

(If you’d looked at so many videos, you would have started to laugh  too 🙂

I wanted my smile back.  And ya know? It had never left. A smile is as available to us all the time, like sunlight.

It’s a 3 Day Laughter Party!

Keep looking up!

Thank you.


Last on Sugar Station

19 01 2008


Thank you for your participation in this Blog.  You have participated simply by reading some of the words and contributing energy and presence. We consider your attention a great privilege.

As you have seen, the intention of this Blog has been Art.  One might call it “soul art.”  And as a side effect, by going into the considerable power of suggestion dealt out relentlessly by the (fairly recent) Media outlets, appears a wonderful event.  Yes, blogging can be an art form also.  It depends on how you look at it.

In this light, here is another form of soul art.  This form is expressed in poetry.





There is

A madman inside of you

Who is always running for office–

Why vote him in,

For he never keeps the accounts straight.

He gets all kinds of crooked deals

Happening all over town

That will just give you a big headache

And glue to your kisser

A gigantic








–From The Gift

Poems by HAFIZ, translation by Daniel Ladinsky

And lest we forget what is going on here.



(thank you)