The Iraq war

20 10 2007

the last orgy at the end of Western Civilization?

there are different ways to have fun on this beautiful planet


good mornin starshine!


Why not put one’s effort into making oneself as comfortable as possible, and having as much fun as possible?

Why not just have some fun?

 It’s possible.

(This is also a suggestion)

Find out?










“Did you know?”

20 10 2007


suggestations to wonder about.

“shift happens”

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“sugar station?”


20 10 2007

Anytime you hear the word, ‘Global,’ they are talking about “EMPIRE.’

Yaay!  I finally…finally get what they’re talking about when they’re talking about “Globalization.”

And I get the suggestion.  This is the main thing on Sugar Station.

Darn that Bill Moyers, again!

He did a show on the Free Trade agreement tonight. “Free Trade” if we look at it as a suggestion, looks like something we can all agree with, doesn’t it? It sounds like it’s for everybody, but it’s really not. You see,it sounds true, and that makes it a suggestion.
And then later tonight I learned about (handsome, charming) Bill Clinton’s part in it. Well, I’d heard of Bill Clinton’s “NAFTA” but could never figure out what it was, or its consequences.

Imagine. Bill Clinton was in support to the richest in the country?

Does anyone know if he changed his mind about that?

He must have. He’s about giving now, right?

(Unless it’s “giving” if you’ve got A LOT?)

That’s not really Giving, that is buying.

So what is Globalization in a nutshell? In a “ditty?” This was uploaded to You Tube on March 26, 2007 (No need to watch all of this particular video, unless moved to)

This fellow, Noam Chomsky, has not yet appeared on Suggestation.

In this second video, he goes into greater detail. It’s quite good, that is, it’s good to gather information about any suggestion we haven’t known whether to disagree with or to agree with.

This was uploaded to You Tube a year ago on October 30,2006.

PheW! That was alot!

And my response? I am soooooo grateful for the ONE WORLD LAFF OFF!

what CAN i do?

20 10 2007

It could be that Western Civilization, as we have known it, is unraveling before our very eyes.

“As we have known it”

This might be disturbing. And can I honestly say that I know what ought to be different?

One cannot be conscious UNTIL one analyses the “Ideals” of the world, the conditions that one has set up as necessary for survival. These are all generalizations, such as: Get more out of life than “I” am; Do something worthwhile; Leave the world a better place than when I arrived; Help people; Be creative, etc., etc

Each must analyze for self.

When one analyzes the “ideals” one has set up, one sees that one has no specific aims, only vague generalizations that cannot be acted upon.

One will not analyse the ideals until that one’s necessity is greatly increased.

Increasing necessity is work, analyzing ideals is work, all other expenditure of energy is merely activity.

Something that I can do is to see what “I” am making important.

(And there is always something you CAN do)

Even if this requires some Work effort on “self.”

Why not? Look to your health?

Okay, so what’s the sugge-station?

20 10 2007

To pick up from the last post (below)…

For all of the sugar stations we’ve looked at here, it has been as yet next to impossible to disprove General Smedley Butler’s hypothesis that War Is A Racket.

And so one suggestion, underneath this Blend(notablog) is that the US government is not out of control and very much controlled, run by multinational corporations, and that the role of the US military is fast losing its standing as a democratizing force in the world. The US Military is as seemingly helpless as the Iraqis in this conflict, and as the American people.

If there is to be a protest against Iran, for example, it can only work as a protest against the “military/industrial/congressional” corporations.

And now the corporations have a military force of their own (Blackwater etc) to put down any protests. These can also help to enforce a martial law in this country.

There is a bright side. There will be no invasion of Iran unless Iraq defaults as a money producing concern, which it won’t, not in the near future. However, with this kind of PRIDEFUL, “stay the course” behavior by the current Administration who we all know likes to smash things up, the USA will. It will go bankrupt.

West Palm Beach?

Don’t worry. It will be like it was in the early 50s here. It wasn’t so bad then. There may be a little crime at first, a little looting here and there, some brief uprisings, but the people will begin to find their families again and their family values. The churches and synagogues and temples will be happy because Americans overall will begin to respect the Sabbath more. It’s what the good people have wanted all along. For Bloggers and You Tubers, it may be hard to recognize at first–like a time warp–but kind of pleasant in a second or third world kind of way.

The saber rattling by Vice President Cheney against Iran has been merely to raise the price of oil (through inflicting the emotion of fear on others) until it reaches $100.00 a barrel and far upwards. It’s now at $90.00 a barrel. This will be blamed on the weakness of the dollar, conveniently, by the Oil Companies, who will again reap enormous and silly profits. (Cheney was a good candidate for this because he is himself somewhat paranoid of losing personal power.)


Does all this feel a little over your head? As if there is nothing you can do about it?

Ask: Is there anything you can really do about it?

Fact: There IS something you can do about your reaction, if not contribute a peaceful and harmonious mood right where you are.

(check it out)


History of Big Business

20 10 2007

Hello Friend,

The recent Clinton video you sent me, actually, was weak. He acted just like Gonzales in front of that particular camera, never telling a direct lie about Monica Lewinsky. “I don’t recall,” or, “According to my statement.”

Okay, you want to talk politics, don’t you? (Let me qualify this by saying that I’m just learning about this too, in a Blend I’ve been writing called, suggestation or sugar station.)

If you really want a take on Clinton and Clinton etc, and if you’d like me to not point out any flaws in the current Administration, you might take a look at the way they both tend to serve Big Business. (The question is: on what purpose?)

You can take a swat at Al Gore, while you are at it.

Sounds all too familiar, in a 50’s kind of way.

Meanwhile, in all of our emails, I’ve seen nothing to disprove General Smedley’s point that War Is A Racket. This really comes on home with the government support of Blackwater, which effectively ends the role of the US military as a democratizing force in the world.

It’s always back to Bill Moyers and good investigative journalism, isn’t it? Take a look at what is going on with Free Trade, sold by Clinton, and also with the same (hidden) motivations.

Will another president on either side really make any difference? It seems the only fellow who could make a difference is Kucinch, because he is the only one not afraid of the corporate strings. And will the corporations let him win?

Why bother arguing the back and forth of politics? A few people are put in such power to distract the population from those really in power. 98 percent of the politicians, are window dressing. It would not be the politicians that would call for war with Iran, and more harm to children, it’s the corporations backing them.

And why is it that in Free Trade, and the tax cuts, it’s the top one percent of the American population are served?

You tell me.

If we are to mutually observe anything “out there” in the political field, it would be big business, and the primary purpose that Big Business (corporations) serve. (hint– ain’t the will of the people)

I keep going back in my mind to the old man from France, Louis, who when Mr. Bush was elected President, became livid, and said, “Now the whole of this precious country will be bankrupted by a few men who will become very, very rich.”

I had no conception of what he was talking about. It’s still hard to believe but there you have it.

Our friendship is of more value than who is dressing what window, don’t you think? Let’s learn to laugh together again, as friends. If nothing else, at least we will feel better and have the better health for it.

In friendship,

Suggestion: For one week, ask this question: WHAT’S MY PURPOSE?

China, John Dewey, Democracy

19 10 2007

And now, storytime

Recall the American philosopher John Dewey? It’s little known that toward the end of his life, he was invited to speak in China. He spent a good deal of time there, talking in different places. He is arguably the greatest Philosopher that America has ever produced. He was received very well there, he inspired the Chinese to a new way of thinking after so many darned dynasties.

Even fewer know that after the Russian defeat of Germany and move on the Eastern Bloc, China became very alarmed about gathering Russian Power. China wanted nothing to do with “Communism” as defined by Russia.

John Dewey, American Philosopher


Inspired by the John Dewey visit before the War, Mao Tse Tung and Chou En Lai wanted to get in touch with President Roosevelt. They contacted all the American Missionaries and educators they could to send a message to the President, and to set up a meeting. Mao did not want to go Communist, did not want to go the way of Russia. However, there was a very small group of people around the President who did not want this meeting to occur. No matter the efforts of the humble American missionaries, educators, this small group of not so very nice men wanted China to be branded by the United States as “Communist.” Well, we know the results of that and how it filtered down.

We have been exploring some motives here based on suggestions, and “motive” goes deeper still. And it’s not nice.

I have also spoken with people from China about this (and this information can be found–it’s available) who see the move to democracy now as something that China has wanted to do all along. Perhaps the historic visit of John Dewey was retained in the race memory of that country? Democracy is more in accord with that country (due to Dewey for planting seeds?) than ever was Communism…the way that it was forced after the Great War. Everything has its value and the people learned much under Communst rule–it’s just not them. Now, China, despite a dreadful all-day-hangover, is coming into its own.

On the Blend (notablog) somewhere is a story about how all the the advanced planning with Iraq, all the pitfalls, how every possible mistake (that the USA made) was submitted in a report BEFORE the war there. What’s astonishing about this is that all of the information was gathered from the internet only, not from “inside sources”. Amazing what can be found on the internet.


(check it out for yourself?)